Radio stories


The germs factory

Listen to my 7 minutes podcast on antibiotic resistance in Hyderabad, caused by toxic waste from the pharmaceutical companies. In English on DW



Here, I meet a mindful buffalo breeder in the Netherlands, be prepared for some weird sounds


The Dhabbawala of Mumbai

The famed Dhabbawala of Mumbai have no more lunchboxes to deliver, nor trains to deliver them with. 

Mumbai’s 5000 plus dhabbawala used to deliver hot meals from home to office. Now they are not allowed to board the trains that constitute the backbone of their network, and the offices they served are mostly shut. Some entrepreneurs with a soft spot for the men in white on bicycle have offered them a job to deliver restaurant meals in small areas. But how to compete with the online services?


Child Labour

The measures to control the pandemic have costed dear to a generation of children from poor families. Not only did they miss out on more than a year of schooling, but they were pushed to work to help their families survive. In this story we meet two such teenagers. An NGO explains that 70 per cent of the families in poor areas have lost all means of income. And children here do not have the technology to follow online classes. The social workers follow the little ones to the last mile, providing volunteer teacher for community classes when possible.


Bihar after the third wave

Covid has made inroads in the Indian countryside. But the reaction here is different. With a completely lacking health structure, villagers in Bihar rely on pharmacists or natural doctors and reject vaccinations, and only go to hospital when it is very late.