Television journalist    News editor

Producer      Documentary filmmaker


I am an experienced television journalist and producer working in an international news environment for over 20 years, now living in India. I was born in Italy, lived and studied in the UK and have been a resident of France for 13 years. There I was a top manager at an international news channel dealing with important sponsors and designing formats for current affair programmes bringing in great revenues. Recently I have upped sticks and shifted continents. I am the South Asia correspondent for Swiss Television in Italian. My film maker soul is kicking inside, asking for more space. Life is too short: if we are in this line of work is to make an impact, rather than simply produce television news that sell.


Work Experience

– South Asia Correspondent, Swiss television (2015-present)

Covering a wide range of subjects in eight countries, I film, produce and edit 3 minute stories for the news bullettin of RSI Swiss television in Italian. This task has brought me for example to Bangladesh, where I reported on the aftermath of a bloody terrorist attack, on child labour and the persecution of bloggers and atheists.


– EURONEWS Special projects manager, commissioning editor (2011-2014)

I design new programmes and editorial initiatives from beginning to end, adapt concepts to new sponsors, plan editorial campaigns. I deal with institutional financers like the EU Commission and private ones, in order to produce high spec programmes with editorial interest at heart. Once a series is sold, I scout talents, build a team, make sure everything goes smoothly and in budget, keep monitoring, keep liaisons with the client, control editorial accuracy, ethics. Some of the programmes I produce myself. and sometimes conduct leading interviews. My latest brainchild is a programme about Children in War which I sold to the EU commission. I opted for a fly on the wall storytelling and coached the journalist designed to produce it. I also designed a groundbreaking macro economic programme, with embedded graphics and animation: Real Economy



With my husband we have a production company Silver Bicycle, which won several bids to make films for international organizations like ITU, UNHCR, ILO, CSA, Council of Europe and the World Economic Forum at Davos. I produced films in India on education initiatives in Rajastan and Hyderabad, and in Guadalajara in Mexico, where I organized live TV studios and complete in-house coverage of conferences. View our latest video reports of the ICT4Ag International Conference 2013 in Kigali, Rwanda.


– AP TELEVISION, France feature correspondent (2004-2007)

Self shooter delivering long feature stories to the Horizon feed of AP. Lifestyle, food, wine, technology, tourism stories – but also breaking news and sport. Produced over 100 features and became an expert on wine in France.

– Director, Storyboard Productions India (2015-present)

With my production company I am able to produce communication films for NGOs and international organisations like the European Union, ITU and Galvmed. For these clients I take charge of the whole process, from advising on how to best make use of video in conferences, website and social media, to scripting and designing the best visual campaign for their needs.


– EURONEWS, Producer of a weekly 10 minute programme on education, Learning World (2010)

In this role I was both a one-woman-band filming and editing stories on education around the world, and when in the headquarters I took care of teeing the programme together, commissioning stories to other freelancers, finding stories and people who could deliver them, checking constantly on quality and coherence of the whole programme: Learning World


– REUTERS TELEVISION, Lyon correspondent (2007-2010)

Self shooter delivering news breaking stories to the leading video news agency. I produced around 50 stories which often made worldwide headlines.


– BBC WORLD TELEVISION, Producer, Fast Track Travel programme (2005)

I independently produced and presented 5 stories for the leading travel programme on BBC World. I researched and filmed, edited and presented 5 minutes packages on cosmetic surgery tourism in Tunisia, the problems of moving to France, life in a mountain hut, low cost airports and the dilemma with quad car races in the Alps.

  • EURONEWS, Political analysis journalist, newsroom foreign desk journalist (2000-2004)

  • MEDIASET, Italy, Reporter (1997-1999)

  • RIZZOLI, Italy, Features writer (1994-1999)

  • L’INDIPENDENTE, Italy, staff journalist, national desk (1992-1994)

  • LONDON, freelance correspondent for RAI and a daily news agency (1990)




Higher Education

  • – Liceo Classico Treviglio, Italy
  • – Posgraduate course in journalism studies, University of Wales, Cardiff (1989-1990 observer)
  • – Istituto per la Formazione al Giornalismo, Università di Urbino, Italy (1990-1992)
  • – State exam to become professionist journalist, Rome, March 1993

Continued Education

  • – Commissioning editor at IDFA Forum, Amsterdam, Nov 2013
  • – SOCIAL MEDIA training for journalists, INA, Paris 2012



  • Editing on FCP using effects.
  • Filming with HD cams (Sony, Panasonic).
  • Directing a camera crew.
  • Producing documentaries.
  • Format Design for current affairs programmes, formatted series.
  • Look and feel of tv output, filming styles, graphics, lighting.


  • Mother tongue or equivalent: Italian, English, French
  • Fluent written and spoken: Spanish
  • Basic, and studying: spoken Hindi


  • Dealing with sponsors and donors.
  • Lateral thinking to create formats appealing to different publics and financers.
  • Translating complex issues into understandable and compelling communication.
  • Understanding of news agendas and priorities for world newsrooms.
  • Coaching staff, monitoring results for quality, accuracy, style.
  • Talent scouting and talent management.
  • Team building, working with people.
  • Pro active proposition, problem solving.
  • Pitching stories to international and national media.
  • Exploiting new media, mobile apps, competitions to deliver an idea.
  • Thinking outside the box.