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Uganda: Choice not chance


In Uganda today family planning is at the top of the agenda. At the moment there are 34 million citizens but the country has one of the fastest growing populations anywhere in the world. On average each woman will give birth to six children.

In villages and communities people gather to listen the presenters of Heart Radio Uganda. Their talk show discusses family planning, covering topics such as contraceptive injections, condoms and how to avoid teenage pregnancy.

It offers people the chance to call in with their questions, and also stimulates debate in the community.

“The unmet need for contraceptives in Uganda.


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I researched, filmed, wrote and edited the reports for Euronews. If you don’t hear my voice is because the channel goes out in 13 languages and each has its own languiage team to dub the pieces. Here my latest work for Real Economy, reporting on deflation in Bulgaria

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