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Indian President Pranab Mukherjee


Pranab Mukherjee has been president of India for just over a year. Though his role as head of state is largely ceremonial Mr Mukherjee is a veteran politician having held several portfolios in government.

India’s former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was his mentor in a political career which began with his election to parliament in 1969.

I went to the Presidential Palace in New Delhi to met Mr. Mukherjee on the eve of his trip to Brussels where he attended Europalia, a four-month event that was staged to raise the cultural profile of India in Europe.


This is my latest video in India – filmed August 2014 in Shimla. One of the oldest Boarding Schools of the Country. For Learning World, on Euronews

Kerala: Dancing with the past


Kerala, the south western state of India, is marketed as a tourist destination for its beaches, forests, backwaters and ayurvedic traditions.

However the state has a rich heritage. The area known as Muziris sprang to fame with some archaeological discoveries, which link its ancient past to present day Kerala.


  • Elephants have been an integral part of culture of the state. Kerala is home to the largest domesticated population of elephant in India
  • Kerala is the first state in India to reach 100% literacy rate.
  • Life expectancy rate in Kerala is the highest in India.
  • Female to male sex ratio is highest in India.
  • Kerala in the native language, Malayalam means “Land of coconuts”.

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The Global Education Initiative: Rajasthan


Education is a priority not only for governments, but for all of society. The private sector in particular has a vested interest in an effective education system: it is critical to economic growth, builds a skilled labour force, increases purchasing power and boosts productivity. In 2000, the Education for All goals were established by the international community in Dakar to operationalize the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) pertaining to education.

The vision for the Global Education Initiative was established during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2003. Business leaders of the information technology and telecommunications community launched an initiative to create new sustainable models for education reform in the developing world. Jordan was selected as a pilot country. The Jordan Education Initiative has since grown into a full-scale initiative involving over 50 partners, including 17 global corporations and resulting in over US$ 25 million in resource allocations. In 2005 and 2006, three additional initiatives were launched in: the Palestinian Territories, the Indian state of Rajasthan and Egypt.


Better Cotton Initiative


The Better Cotton Initiative does not aim to make a new kind of cotton, but a new kind of farmer: one who respects the environment, uses less water and pesticides and does not use forced or child labour.

Silver Bicycle produced two videos for BCI, one to reflect on what their new system means on the ground, the other, “Cotton in Reverse”, to show where the cotton we all wear everyday comes from.

This video, shot in rural India, shows what the Better Cotton Initiative actually means on the ground. And how it is changing the lives of farmers and farm workers.