My India

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A love affair going steady since 2007 ….that is when I filmed my first documentary in Rajastan for the World Economic Forum, on the Global education initiative. I was taken hostage the moment I stepped out of the plane.

I think there is no more interesting place in the whole big world. The culture runs so deep and has so many layers, people are so welcoming, the sights are a camerawoman’s dream, challenges make life worth living. The more I study India, its history, its language, its culture, the more I grow fond of it all. There are so many contradictions, so much scope for understanding, and explaining, as a journalist.


Suggested Reading

  •  “India after Gandhi” by Ramachandra Guha

    -Best book I have ever read.

  •  “Shantaram” by Gregory David Robert

    -For the dreaming…

  •  “Dreaming in Hindi” by Katherine Russell Rich

    A great book about overcoming the difficult moments of the Hindi student.

  •  “India, a history” by John Keay

    The pillar for anyone who wants to learn about Indian history.

  •  “India rising” by Oliver Balch

    This book makes me jealous: Damn! I could have written this one!

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Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.

-Mahatma Gandhi



Suggested Film

“The World Before Her”

“The World Before Her” by Canadian director Nisha Pahuja is a must see and an eye opener on the condition of women in India, although she picks on the extremes.

Winner, World Documentary Competition Award, 2012 Tribeca Film Festival


My Hindi

I study spoken Hindi – devanagari script is beyond my eyesight allowance, just snakes on paper to me. I had 3 mother tongue Hindi teachers for the past 3 years on one-on-one lessons every week. I am not fluent yet but I know about 800 words. Although I struggle with the oblique case, it makes me physically happy to speak it. And it is amazing how many backdoors into understanding the Indian mind open up when you unlock the grammar!